Double Happiness


Description du projet Double Happiness

Double Happines/ the image of the city is a production of raumlaborberlin with Urban School Ruhr. It was commissioned by Urbane Künste Ruhr in cooperation with the Universität Witten/Herdecke.

„Intervention as strategy“ is the name of a research section of the “Urban School Ruhr” in whose program the project got implemented. Here the impact of temporary interventions on the reality of the city is examined. When you understand history and city space as a process, cultural interventions can be generated. These cultural inventions can not only create new points of view and show potentials, they can also spawn desires.

The coorperating department of the Witten university is called „Kulturelle Praxis“(cultural practice). The students search for the connection between philosophy and cultural reflection with the urban reality and develop a form of practice-generated theory.

The funding institution of the project is called „Urbane Künste Ruhr“. They invite artists to talk about current topics and problems of the society, the people and the city.
This seminar was led by the choreographer Sabine Zahn, the Interfacedesigner Benoît Verjat and the architect Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius (raumlaborberlin).

The participants were Jana Eckey, Anitat Harder, Martha Koelmann, Kai Ruttmann, Clara Dvorak, Nathalie Dennstorff.
1000 thanks to Kahina Djahnine and Fanny Benguigui, as well as Marius Bush, Rosario Talevi, Suzanne Laborie, Markus Bader, Louise Nguyen (from raumlabor/USR). Katja Assmann, Daniel Klemm, Jule Körber and Carola Kemme (from Uban Künste Ruhr) ; Dirk Baecker, Sandra Schwarz and Jeniffer Schuster (from Witten University) and the DRK for their help in printing.
We would also like to thank all the passers-by, neighbours and the shop owners for their participation !